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INTERVIEW with Susan Hoeppner
Use Your Ears: Susan Hoeppner on the Simplicity of Bach

"...It was at the Juno’s that she met Gerald Fagan, the storied Canadian choral conductor and artistic director of this year’s Bach Music Festival, as well as his daughter Louise Fagan, an independent producer and theater director. “When they said they would run a Bach festival, my eyes lit up,” says Hoeppner, explaining that whenever people ask her to pick a favorite composer, “I never could answer that question, but now I can answer it. It would be Bach.”... "

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Making The Most of Every Performance

"...I have learned that a recital requires a huge amount of focus and endurance. This doesn't just "happen" on stage: It has to be practiced over and over again to go beyond the requirements of just one program... When practicing each piece, play every note as you would want it to be heard in performance. Many times, we let our minds wander, going through the motions with the notes..."

Published in The Flutists Handbook: A Pedagogy Anthology - Volume 2 | Read full article [PDF]




“A born soloist, a natural, with profound things to say and the technique to say them.”

- The Globe and Mail, Toronto


“She plays her golden flute with cool confidence.”

- The New York Times


“She is an expressive and articulate flutist – one can almost hear the words in her flute song.”

- The Washington Post


“An outstanding Canadian flutist.”

- O Journal, Lisbon


“Ms. Hoeppner is an innate musician and an instrumentalist of beautiful and radiant sound.”

- La Razon, Buenos Aires


“Susan Hoeppner is a flute virtuoso of the first class.”

- U.S. Virgin Islands (St.Thomas)


“She has complete fluency in all registers, a well-controlled technique, a beautiful tone, and a manner that show she takes pleasure in her playing.”

- The Toronto Star


“Everything the flutist plays exhibits her assurance, imagination and style.”

- The Calgary Herald


“Hoeppner has a tone of exceptional sustaining power aligned with a technique of evenness.”

- Winnipeg Free Press


“Hoeppner’s majestic tone quality, impeccable technique, perfect ear, flawless taste, poise, and intimate knowledge of phraseology were reminders of why she has made such a fine reputation for herself both here in Canada and internationally.”

- Kitchener/Waterloo Record


“Susan Hoeppner is a dramatic presence who brings new meaning to the art of making the flute an extension of the voice. It was pure vocalise.”

- Kitchener/Waterloo Record

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